Archetype: The Hoarder

You are: The Hoarder: Strategy: Never cleans her list. Has 60,000 subscribers, but a steadily declining open rate that’s now in the single digits. Frequently heard saying: “They might open an email someday! You never know!” What you think others are doing wrong: Throwing away perfectly good subscribers. Maybe they’re reading your emails in the […]

Archetype: The Sea Captain

You are: The Sea Captain: Strategy: Organic subscribers only. Doesn’t believe in reader magnets. Frequently heard saying: “Arrrrr! Keep yer eyes peeled for privateers; they’re everywhere!” What you think others are doing wrong: Letting in all those freebie-seekers. They’re never going to buy your books. Blah blah blah. Blah blah. You need Chapter [x] of […]

Archetype: The Fly-By

You are: The Fly-By! Defining trait: Only mails when she has a new release Frequently heard saying: “People don’t care about my cats, they just want a book” What you think others are doing wrong: Emailing too much. You don’t like getting newsletters, so you’re sure your readers don’t either. If you’re doing this to […]