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It's time you start growing your email list.

Don'tcha think?

Craft an enticing reader magnet that’ll earn you raving fans in our latest round of The Cookie Challenge: eight weeks of story-baking goodness to get your reader magnet out the door!

Deep down, you know you need a reader magnet.

(which we around here call a "cookie"
because we need to grow up. 😂)

A good reader magnet turns casual buyers into superfans, and superfans into cheerleaders for your novels. It attracts more subscribers, lets you launch to a bigger audience, and is a key ingredient for success as an indie author.

But knowing and doing are two different things…


You don’t want to give away a novel for free—your work is worth paying for, damn it! But what else can you do?


Everyone says sample chapters aren’t exciting anymore. In a world of Kindle Unlimited, readers just don’t care.


Even if you get your cookie written (and those butterflies out of your stomach), how do you get it into readers’ hands?


And wait a minute… Am I really saying you have to condense a full-length story into just 10,000 words!?

But this isn't something you can ignore.

If you’re serious about this whole indie-publishing thing, building an email audience (one you own, not Facebook or Amazon) is your first order of business.

Without readers in your orbit, you won’t have the support you need to launch new books, sell your backlist, or get those precious early reviews.

That's where an enticing reader magnet really shines!

Having a high-quality reader magnet opens tons of doors for finding readers, from newsletter swaps to promo deals — and there are so many more options than most people realize.

And even if you’re not ready to get deep into list-building just yet (no worries, you got time), this ensures the readers you do have land safe and sound on your newsletter, where you can stay in touch for the long term.

So let’s get this done, shall we?

cookie with milk

Welcome to the Newsletter Ninja Cookie Challenge!

Eight weeks of accountability, coaching, and tools to help you plan, plot, and publish a reader magnet (cookie! 🍪) your fans will loveand love to sign up for — without giving away everything for free!

Here's what you'll achieve over
the next Eight weeks:

Discover the many irresistible reader magnets you could create, beyond boring sample chapters.

Learn to write tasty, bite-sized stories that satisfy readers, without taking months of work.

Develop a plan for your cookie, then join us for weekly cowriting to actually get it done!

Pick the perfect custom cover for your cookie with exclusive discounts (up to 50% OFF) on cover designs.

And launch your reader magnet to the world—both for your ride-or-die fans and brand new readers!

our schedule for Spring 2024

cookie stripes

Week One
April 15-19

Select your reader magnet type, figure out what you need to write and how to write it short, and make an outline. (Or not—pantsers gonna pants!)

cookie white coco

Week Two
April 22-26

Order your cover at a discount from one of our partners and start writing. Don't forget to visit the community for homework (ew) and writing prompts (yay)!

Week Three
April 29-3

Time to add some chocolate chips for good measure (or raisins... no hate). We'll help you figure out the perfect mix of surprises to delight your readers.

Week Four
May 6-10

The saggy middle! This is where our daily writing prompts come in handy. Plus we'll hold you accountable with cowriting and daily wordcount check-ins.

Week Five
May 13-17

As we approach your finale, learn how to craft a no-brainer ending that leaves readers craving your next-in-series—and happy to buy your full-priced novels.

Week Six
May 20-24

You're almost there! It's been a journey, but the end is in sight. Join us for a pop-up troubleshooting call to help you finish strong, no matter where you're stuck.

cookie white coco

Week Seven
MAy 27-31

With your cookie complete, this week we'll finalize your cover and edit/proofread. Or if you're sick to death of your own words, trade an edit with someone else!

Week Eight
June 3-7

Publish your cookie (with another steep discount from BookFunnel) and start collecting subscribers in an exclusive Ninja-only cross-promotion group!

A well-written reader magnet is the #1 way to build your audience as an author. And if you’re savvy about it, you won’t need a new cookie for every book you write (unless that’s your jam, of course).


Though eight weeks may seem like a lot, the work you do now will be welcoming new fans into your newsletter for years to come!

"The first round of the Cookie Challenge pushed me to write a bite-sized intro to my series, in a very short period of time! Since publication, I have had thousands of new newsletter sign-ups!"

two cookies

Ready to reach your superfans?

All you need is eight weeks to craft a cookie your readers will be drooling over!

two cookies

Join this latest round of the Cookie Challenge and get:


Here's what past cookie-bakers have to say...

Hey there!
I'm Tammi. 🥷

And I translate all of that internet marketer… stuff… into strategies that work for authors.

For the better part of a decade, I’ve taught thousands of students how to have fun with their email newsletters, and write strategic reader magnets to help them find their superfans.

In the process, I’ve learned a thing or two about this whole “bribing readers with cookies” thing!

The Cookie Challenge is a chance to tap into my brain for eight-weeks as we plan, write, and launch your reader magnet—so you can start building a thriving list of superfans who will become your biggest cheerleaders.

cookie with milk

If you’re an author looking to get serious about your email list, you’re in the right place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Though every genre has different tropes and expectations, the strategy behind a reader magnet stays the same. And in Week Three, we’ll explore how to strategically add surprises, fanservice, and treats to your cookie to delight your target readers, no matter what genre you’re writing in.

That depends. If you have the bandwidth to work on your novel and create your reader magnet at the same time, I recommend doing so. This way, you’ll already have a group of fans to support your debut launch (and thus a higher chance of success). However, you can absolutely wait until you’ve published to start thinking about list-building. The choice is up to you!

Yes way. 😉

I know it might sound crazy, but during this challenge you’ll learn all of my tips and tricks for writing short, without sacrificing quality. Even if you normally write 100,000+ word fantasy epics, there is a way (hellooooo, sidequests)! And some genres, believe it or not, can be even shorter.

Nope. Every workshop will be recorded and posted in our Cookie Challenge archives, so you can watch at your leisure—or return eight months later when you’ve caught the reader magnet bug and want to write another one.

Yes. At the end of the Cookie Challenge, you’ll remain a member of our student community, AND get access to our exclusive Newsletter-Swap Alumni Group, where you can connect with other Ninja alum to promote each other’s books and grow your lists together!

Your email list is the lifeblood of your author career...

And you need to feed it.

Sure, you can absolutely throw a signup link onto your website and wait for readers to find you (and they will… very, very slowly).

But if you want to grow your audience this decade, give new readers a taste of your stories, and share a treat with your existing fans, a well-written reader magnet is the way to do so. All you need is the perfect recipe that leaves them asking for more—and that’s exactly what I plan to teach you in the Cookie Challenge!

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Grab your apron, because it's Baking time!

Join us for this latest round of the Cookie Challenge and create the perfect reader magnet for attracting your superfans.

two cookies

Join this latest round of the Cookie Challenge and get:


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