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Preparing for a big move?

Wrangle your subscribers and set up your new EMS with List Migration Map: the seven-step system for migrating your author newsletter without tearing your hair out.

Who knew moving your email list could be so hard…

All you want is to get set up on your new EMS, confident that no one was left behind in the shuffle and that you’re ready for a fresh start.

But conventional wisdom falls pretty short here. You can’t simply export your subscribers to a spreadsheet and toss them into your new service (wouldn’t that be nice).

Some readers will suddenly get emails from you after months of silence. Others will keep trickling into your old EMS, wondering why it’s so quiet over there. And many will just stop getting emails at all.

All of which is a recipe for two things:

Unsubscribes and S-P-A-M reports.

Instead, you need a method to the madness...

A map through the wilderness, if you will.

By carefully and methodically moving your list, you can ensure everyone makes the trip safely, and even cut some dead weight you didn’t realize you had. The results are crazy-good metrics Gmail will be drooling over, a squeaky-clean list of highly-engaged readers, and a new EMS that feels like home!

So grab a compass, a granola bar,
and your best hiking shoes...

Welcome to List Migration Map!

The guided, seven-step system for migrating your email list, without tanking your deliverability (or leaving subscribers in the lurch).

Map Your Route

Lessons One - Three

Understand the hows and whys of list migration, choose the right EMS for you as an author, and collect some important data from your current subscribers to ensure a smooth list migration.

Hit the

Lessons Four - Five

Tidy up your digital home with three key email automations to ensure a smooth transition (and a distinct lack of s-p-a-m reports), then pack up your old list and start your move, one batch at a time.

Plan for Success

Lessons Six - Seven

Make some tough calls on when to wrap up your move (and which subscribers to keep around) so your new list has the best chance of success, before taking a moment to make plans for the future.

Plus, grab these bonuses!

Old Mailerlite to New Tutorial

An over-the-shoulder tour of the upgrade process from old Mailerlite to new—so you’re ready for the mandatory move come February 2024!

Sample List Migration Calendar

Get an overview of each step in my list migration system, as well as how long these steps are likely to take you. A great way to plan ahead!

Monthly Student AMAs

Join me and a handful of other Ninja students each month to share your questions and get my eyes on your unique author newsletter.

68%* of readers would rather hear from you via email than through any other method (social media included).

Let’s make sure your hard-won subscribers don’t get left in the wilderness!

*According to Bluecore’s Brand Report.

"Ok, But How Much Will This Cost Me?"

About half as much as a National Park Pass, that’s what. (Yes I had to Google it, but I’m committed to this bit)

Get everything inside List Migration Map, including:

For only $47

Hey there! I'm Tammi. 🥷

And I translate all of that internet marketer… stuff… into strategies that work for authors.

For the better part of a decade, I’ve taught hundreds of students how to have fun with their email newsletters, while also running migrations for lists as small as 300 and as large as 150,000.

In the process, I’ve learned a thing or two about this whole list migration thing (often by finding what not to do—ha!).

List Migration Map is all of that wisdom packed into an approachable system you can use to migrate your email list with confidence, boost your deliverability, and build an engaged list of superfans.

If you’re an author looking to get serious about your email list, you’re in the right place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! List Migration Map is service-agnostic, though I will recommend two email marketing services I think are particularly good fits for authors in the course. In terms of where you’re starting from though, you could be using Mailerlite, Convertkit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Flodesk, Sendfox, or basically anything else. I’ll help you get organized and ready to move, no matter what EMS you’re using now.

Beyond List Migration Map itself, all you’ll need to invest in is a new email marketing service to actually move to. In the course, I’ll help you think about your budget and needs, and pick the right EMS for your situation, so you won’t have to figure that out on your own.

Every month, I run an open AMA/coaching call for all of my courses. During that call you can pick my brain (ew), ask questions, and get support as you whip your mailing list into shape. You might even end up rubbing shoulders with some students from my other courses, you socialite you!

Yes, technically, but I have very limited availability (you should see my poor calendar). If you want to chat about a custom list migration, you can get in touch here:

Send me a note through my contact page ( and my ninja-assistant Stacy will point you in the right direction.

Stuck on the fence?

Here's some tough love...

You can’t just dump your list into a new email marketing service and assume it’ll all go swimmingly.

Not only do your readers deserve a warmer welcome, but you (and your novels) deserve an engaged list that’s excited to hear from you. Shoving your subscribers into the back of a U-Haul and hoping they’ll survive the move is just a recipe for disaster.

Let's give your Author Newsletter a fresh start

And give you the reliable map you need to navigate the list migration wilderness!

Get everything inside List Migration Map, including:

For only $47

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