You know you're supposed to automate your emails.

Welcome sequences, winback campaigns, review requests, launches…

…sure, you’d love to set-it-and-forget it when it comes to the email campaigns you write over and over again.


Do you just … write an email? 

Then write another one? 

What should be in them?

How do they go together?

Do they go together? 

Why can’t you just put it all in one email?

It's okay, fam — I got you. I can show you how to do this.


The Newsletter Ninja
Email Automation Planner

From subject line to signoff, let this detailed email planner guide you through every element of an automation.

Choose the best method for you:

(giant money pile not guaranteed)

Get your automations sorted and get back to what you do best: writing.

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 4.15.55 AM
Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 4.16.07 AM

She’s been doing this indie author marketing thing for the better part of a decade now, and she understands your author newsletter needs — from list-building to automation to managing unsubscribes. 

The Email Automation Planner is her latest innovation to help indies speed up the marketing part so you can get back to the authoring part. 🥷🏼

David Gaughran
David Gaughrannonfiction and historical fiction author
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"I stopped screwing up [my mailing list] in 2018, and Newsletter Ninja is the reason why."
Christine Niles
Christine NilesTropical Adventures author
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"I’ve been doing digital marketing and running email lists for over a decade, but Tammi’s brain made me see my shit from a totally fresh perspective "

The Newsletter Ninja Email Automation Planner
— plus a video walkthrough —
is only $15.

So let's do this! Grab yours now:

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