Is this you?

Staring at a blank page when it’s time to email your newsletter subscribers…

… because you don’t know what to say?

Worried that dealing with your newsletter takes away from your writing time…

… you know, the thing you actually got into this business to do?

Not sure why anyone is on your list, where they came from, or what you can do to get them to start engaging with your content…

… or at least opening your dang emails?

I see you. And I get it.

You're an author, not a marketer

and Your newsletter can't be your full-time job

You've got a lot on your plate already:

write your book

get it edited

buy a spiffy cover

figure out how to advertise

... & somehow pay for it all!

I know you're overwhelmed...

Because I hear the same things all the time:


"I don't even know where to start."

I’ve got you. We’ll start at the very beginning, evaluating Email Service Providers and going through the steps that will set you up properly—or retrofitting best practices into your current setup, if you’ve been doing it wrong so far. Starting is the easiest part!


"I'd rather be writing."

Wouldn’t we all? I’ll show you how to automate everything you can and template what you can’t automate, so that you can get maximum results from minimal effort. (And who knows? once you’re properly sorted, you might find that sending newsletters is actually fun!)


"I'm just going to have a Facebook group."

That does sound easier, doesn’t it? But the easy path isn’t always the right path, and in this case it’s very much the wrong path. I’ll explain why you must prioritize your newsletter over everything else — and how to make your subscribers prefer your newsletter too!


"I don't have anything to say."

Sure you do. If you’re interesting enough to write a book, you’re interesting enough to write a regular newsletter. I’ll help you tease out the stories that will surprise and delight your subscribers, right from the very first email you send!


"I've already tried everything."

If you’ve tried to follow the (often contradictory) advice of online gurus, it’s no surprise that you haven’t gotten the results you want.

You don’t need a guru.

You need a ninja. 🥷🏼

Hey, I'm Tammi

And I happen to be a ninja.

I’m the newsletter ninja who translates all that internet marketer… stuff… into strategies that work for you.

I’ve been doing this indie author thing for a decade now, and I understand your author newsletter needs — from list-building to automation to managing unsubscribes.

I've got you, fam.


Years as an
indie author


years as a
newsletter ninja


students have
taken my courses


MG of Adderall
per day

What are people saying about author newsletter basics?

You're not the first to struggle with this stuff.
I see it every day.

But what if it doesn't have to be so hard?

With Author newsletter Basics...

You could Go from this

to this

And Author Newsletter Basics is 100% self-directed, so you'll have access to the entire course as soon as you sign up!

(We’ll send you weekly emails, though, to help keep you on track and make sure you actually finish.)

The Curriculum


Get started and set up right, with lessons on the Ninja philosophy and ethics, why you can’t just be on social media, and who your subscribers are. (6 video lessons & 3 worksheets)


How to attract the right subscribers, the organic vs non-organic debate, some onboarding tips, and what makes a good reader magnet. (6 video lessons & 3 worksheets)


Building relationships to boost your engagement, optimizing deliverability, list hygiene, and the nitty-gritty of subject lines and email copy. (5 video lessons & 3 worksheets)

And that's not all! (LOL)
Did someone say "bonuses"?

You bet someone did!
(It me. I’m someone.)


The course blerksheets* will guide you through a few concepts that might be a little trickier to navigate.  (*If you know, you know.)

Swipe files!

Topic swipe files and email templates so you’re never starting with a blank page.

Monthly Q&A!

I host a monthly Q&A for all basic students and alumni — days and times vary so you can attend from anywhere in the world!

Student Discussion Forum!

An exclusive forum, open only to Ninja students and alumni — and it’s not on Facebook. 

"Okay, so how much will that all set me back?"
you might ask.

(Go ahead and ask.)

You in?

sign up below for instant access!

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