Advanced Automations


"I'd much rather work on my newsletter than on my book!"

(said literally no one ever)

The number of hours in your day is finite — and largely spoken for.

Whether you’re a full-time author or still writing on the side, there’s never enough time to write all the books that are taking up space in your head. 

You want to spend your hard-won writing time actually writing

... but there are so many other things to do!

write your book

get it edited

buy a spiffy cover

figure out how to advertise

... & somehow pay for it all!

You know you're supposed to have a newsletter.

(everyone says so)

But then there’s that “hours in the day” thing again…

  …because you only have so many.

You're trying to do what the gurus tell you to do, but it's not working.

You don't need a guru.

You need a ninja.


Hey, I'm Tammi

And I happen to be a ninja.

I’m the newsletter ninja who translates all that internet marketer… stuff… into strategies that work for you.

I’ve been doing this indie author thing for the better part of a decade now, and I understand your author newsletter needs — from list-building to automation to managing unsubscribes.

I've got you, fam.


You're not the first author to struggle with this.

I talk to authors like you every day —

authors who know they’re supposed to talk to their subscribers, but don’t know what to say,

authors who know they should be growing their list, but don’t know where to find the right subscribers,

authors who know they need to keep their engagement metrics healthy, but don’t know how,

and, most of all, authors who don’t have hours every day to mess around with this stuff.

You're an author, not a marketer.

And your newsletter can't be your full-time job.

That's where I come in.

What if I told you that you could automate most of the things you need your list to do, creating engaged superfans and selling your books on autopilot …

… all while you get back to writing?

Now open for enrollment:
The first-EVER (And last-EVER)
self-study session of
Newsletter Ninja's Signature Course

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Learn how to set-it-and-forget-it in all areas of the subscriber journey, from welcome sequences to list hygiene...

create fun and engaging subscriber-centered automations that keep fans reading, clicking, and replying...

automate list hygiene so cold subscribers are re-engaged or removed without any fiddling around...

craft an engaging welcome sequence that turns strangers into readers and readers into superfans...

... all while you concentrate on writing.

🛑 Wait — "last ever"? 🛑

Yup! Advanced Automations is going to be broken down into 4 or 5 smaller, DIY courses.

This is your last chance to get all of this information in one place, and at this price point.

I don’t do false scarcity or gross persuasion tactics.
When I say this is going away forever, you can believe it.


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What You'll Learn

Part workshop, part lecture, part spelunking, this course is the final word on advanced automation techniques for author newsletters.

Module 1

The Story of Your Books

Your onboarding sequence is one of the most important email series you’ll write. Follow our proprietary method for mapping out that sequence in a way that engages readers and sells your backlist — including the books you’ve kind of given up on!

Module 2

Case Studies for Onboarding Sequences

Here we move from theory into practice. Every author’s catalog is different, and one size definitely does not fit all. Follow the automation sequence for three different authors, then spin off your own design based on last week’s deluge of worksheets.

Module 3

Unengaged subscribers cost more than just extra money with your email provider. They can also damage your sender reputation. This week you’ll learn how to set up your list hygiene sequence(s).

List Hygiene

Module 4

Fun Automations

Automations are more than just hello and goodbye. Here we’ll talk about everything from book birthdays to launch automations.

Did someone say "BONUSES"?

lifetime access to the ever-growing tech vault

Live brainstorming and implementation workshops weekly

accountability and list-building cookie swap partners

email templates, so you're not starting with a blank page

"I was doing everything wrong when it came to my mailing list. Then I took Tammi's class. She doesn't lecture. She gets up to her elbows in the guts of your newsletter strategy, helping you craft an approach that fits your brand and your personality. Meanwhile, you learn a refreshing philosophy about how a mailing list should workinstead of marketing to subscribers, you bond with your fans. Whatever stage you're at, if you want to level up your newsletter to ninja status, take this class."
Rob Cornell
UF and Thriller Author


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