Newsletter Ninja 2:
If You Give a reader a Cookie

Supercharge Your Author Mailing List
With the Perfect Reader Magnet


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You know you need a reader magnet. You know it will help you attract newsletter subscribers, launch to a bigger audience, and find more success as an indie author. You know that a good reader magnet can turn casual readers into superfans, and superfans into evangelists.

Everyone says so.

But knowing and doing are two different things, especially when all the advice out there is overwhelming and confusing.

Write this, not that. Use this service instead of that one. Give away a whole book. No, give away sample chapters. No, write a short story.

If only someone would just give you the information you need to craft killer bonus content that lures all the right readers to your mailing list signup, and turns all the wrong ones away at the door!

Well, you’re in luck. Tammi Labrecque — indie author, mailing list whiz-kid, and author of the best-selling Newsletter Ninja — is back with an all-new book that will kickstart you on your reader magnet journey.

Newsletter Ninja 2: If You Give a Reader a Cookie is a thorough breakdown of all the aspects of reader magnets—from choosing which type to write, through planning how it fits into your catalog, to getting it into readers’ hands. Written in the same down-to-earth style as Newsletter Ninja, and packed just as full of solid information and useful ninja tips, Newsletter Ninja 2 will help you:

 ● Recognize the difference between a good reader magnet and a bad one
 ● Ditch the false dichotomy of organic vs incentivized subscribers
 ● Identify the two types of readers you want to attract, and how to lure both with one reader magnet
 ● Build a solid plan for which reader magnets go where, and how they fit into your catalog
 ● Discover more than a dozen types of reader magnets
 ● Sample a variety of existing reader magnets, and see what’s possible!

Whether you’re ready to whip up that first reader magnet or want to optimize the ones you already have, Newsletter Ninja 2 has got you covered.