Here is the list of helpful links from the back of Newsletter Ninja (plus a few others I chuck in from time to time):


From Chapter 7 – The First Date


I use this one, and there’s a link at the bottom of it to generate your own version specific to your site. However, I’m not currently recommending it as it’s a bit overwhelming for both you and your subscribers:

These are good as well, with the benefit that you can just link to them without having to create a page on your own site and all that:


From Chapter 12 – Straight-Up Bribes

What Makes a Good Cookie:

Bookfunnel’s series on “Using Exclusive Content to Turn Readers Into Fans”:

– Introduction: Not Sold in Stores:

– Part 1: Short Stories:

– Part 2: Prequel Novellas:

– Part 3: Serials:

– Part 4: Bonus Epilogues:

Cross-promotion ideas

– Newsletter swaps or other quid pro quo strategies

– Facebook group takeovers

– Blog tours

– Instafreebie

– Booksweeps (Ryan Zee):

– Bookfunnel cross-promos. Find people to cross-promo with by asking other authors you know, or by visiting one of these Facebook groups:


From Chapter 13 – Engagement


From Chapter 14 – Deliverability

Articles on avoiding SPAM filters: (plus all the links in “Further reading” at the end of the article)

Lists of SPAM words:


From Chapter 15 – Building Relationships

Good Questions: (This is my favorite. Just list upon list up on list of cool questions.)


From Chapter 17 – Re-engagement

Subject line articles:

Emojis: (This one contains the gem of info that the poop emoji gets the highest open rate. Discretion is advised.)

From the Afterword

Examples of awesome newsletters: (You can sign up for their newsletter about newsletters, like a sort of newsletter-ception.)