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        Peggy McKenzie

          Am I the only one here?  Hello, my name is Peggy McKenzie and I write westerns, both historical and contemporary.  I’ve got about 20 books out and I struggle like crazy with how to market my books.  I’m hanging my hat on this course!!  Peggy

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              Hello! It looks like everyone is doing introductions in this thread, so — I’m here too! 🙂

              I’m Laura, and I’m a writer and faculty trainer/educator in animal behavior. (I’m particularly known for my work in anxiety and fear-aggression, so Tammi, I feel you and your dogs, no need to apologize, and let me know if you ever want to chat!)

              I write in a variety of niches, from epic fantasy to non-fiction about animal behavior. I know that’s quite a range and I like to joke that I’m bad at branding, but I’m trying hard to make me the brand and get at least some readers to follow me between epic fantasy and historical fantasy or something. We’ll see. I have a backlist, but I see a lot of room to improve my marketing (including communication with existing fans) and that’s why I’m here!

              I look forward to chatting with all of you here and leveling up together! 🙂

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                  Aaaaaaand I screwed up by replying instead of adding a new post, so @Stacy please delete the above. Sorry and thank you!

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              Gerard Rebagliati

                Hi, I am here too. My name is Gerard, writing under a pen name, and I am a professional living in Seattle, WA hoping to release my first book next year. I write fantasy science fiction in an “alternate” universe milieu. I am working on an epic, multiple book series” action adventure with a strong romance subplot and military science fiction elements. The best description I can give to it is: Star Wars playing Lord of the Rings. I am eager to learn what is necessary to build my email subscriber list before I release my first book.

                Wherever possible, I use my pen name, but it seems I am bound to use my real name here. As I get my business organization more ordered, you may see my pen name online. Don’t tell anyone else. I am trying to maintain professional privacy and build an aura of mystique and intrigue for my future readers while telling them stories that might seem tall tales but really happened.  For example, I survived five typhoons and a Richter 8.2 earthquake while living in Micronesia over the course of 18 months. Such experiences inform my fiction writing. Glad to be here. Go ninjas.

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                  I’m here as well! My name is Katy and I’ve been writing full time for a decade now. My debut crime novel as Katy Watson, The Three Dahlias, is being released next month, but I also write romance and women’s fiction as Sophie Pembroke and YA as Katy Cannon.

                  I’ve been writing and sending author newsletters for years, and learned so much from Tammi’s books that I’m hoping this course will help me take them to the next level.

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                    Welcome everyone! If you’re on Tammi’s regular newsletter list, you may know she’s out of town this first week of the course. But she’ll be back before the official beginning of the course to say hi and answer all your questions!

                    I sent an email on Friday, but in my “thoroughness” I added a few too many images and links, and it seems to have gotten caught in many people’s spam filters or not delivered. There’s a reason Tammi is the Newsletter Ninja and not me!

                    We’re having some technical issues linking up the Zoom meetings to the Google calendar. We’ll have it sorted soon, but in the meantime, the weekly workshops will (mostly) be held every week at:

                    Tuesdays at 9pm ET
                    Thursdays at 2pm ET
                    Fridays at 10am ET
                    Saturdays at 2pm ET

                    All of these are US Eastern time. You can convert them to your timezone using: https://dateful.com/time-zone-converter

                    And once again, welcome!

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                      Hi – I’m Rachel, and I write spy thrillers and crime fiction. I’m now in my 11th year as a writer, five of those full-time. I read Tammi’s books when I overhauled my automation sequences earlier this year and learned heaps so I’m hoping for a few more lightbulb moments over the coming weeks.


                      I’m currently based in the UK and lived in Australia for 13 years prior to that, so you’ll probably see some weird phrases and words here 🙂

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                      Andrea Kuhn

                        Hi guys, nice to meet you all.

                        I’m Andrea from Germany. I write romance, crime and non fiction. So far I’ve published around 20 books and have built three lists of 3200 / 700 / 900 subscribers. I kind of got stuck at these numbers. I really want to redo my onboarding sequence and I’m looking for ways to get my readers on the list.

                        have a beautiful sunday
                        liebe Grüße, Andrea

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                        Ella Braeme

                          Hey there, I am from Germany, too (@Andrea: zwischen Kiel und Lübeck) and like Gerard/David I haven’t published anything yet. Well, but my reader magnet. I write romance novellas and currently am THIS close to finish the first draft of the first one. Ella Braeme is my pen name.
                          My list is on MailerLite and has ~760 subscribers. I suck at weeding them and need to learn more about the strategies behind segmentation. I would like to have a shiny list with awesome automations once I start releasing my series.

                          Looking forward to learning with y’all.

                          Best, Ella


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                            Hi all – OC Heaton here. UK based newby indie author and avid follower of Tammi! Read the books and this will be my 3rd course so you could safely describe me as a super fan – see what I did there!

                            I write techno thrillers and want to learn about how to set up an author newsletter correctly from the get go  Will publish first book in November this year and have written my reader magnet which I will start promoting in earnest in July.

                            Looking forward to working alongside everybody over the coming weeks


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                              I’m Marsha from the US, write in several genres (romance, mystery, and SF primarily), first published 5 years ago and just now getting around to doing a newsletter–shame on me! I am super excited about this course and the possibility of doing NLs “right.”

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                                Hi, I’m Vicky and I’m based between the UK and Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.  I write Cozy Mysteries under my grown up name, Victoria Tait.

                                I’ve been writing for 3 years, publishing for 2, and I recently launched a new series with a reader magnet cookie which has brought lots of lovely new subscribers – now I need to engage and keep them!

                                I love email and newsletters which are my main contact with my readers – I can’t keep consistent with social media.  I undertook the basic course earlier this year and I’m eager for lots of new tips and advice.


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                                Linda Hengerer

                                  Hello, all 🙂

                                  I’m Linda and I write a cozy mystery series. I live in Florida and my series is based in an area very much like where I live, with names and places changed…you know why. (So I don’t get sued.)

                                  I’ve read both of Tammi’s books and taken an intensive she gave at the Smarter Artists Summit a few years ago. I need to get my mailing list back on track, so I’m expecting this course will give me to tools to do that. The books will help, but having the workshops and access to Tammi for any questions is why I joined this course.

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                                  Laura Gans-Pomerantz

                                    Hi, all! I’m Laura and I write sweet rom-coms. I have a couple books out with another I’m editing now, plus a number of short stories. I’ve been doing the newsletter thing all kinds of wrong for a while now and pretending I don’t realize it. I’m here hoping to fix that. 😀 (Oh, and I live in Connecticut.)

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                                      Hello, I write as L.J. Breedlove, but I’m Lois. I’m looking forward to this class! I’ve read and applied what I learned, and then learned some more, and tried applying that on top of the old NL structure, and then did it again. I have this horrible feeling that there are people trapped in limbo, that there are stubs that go nowhere, links to landing pages that don’t exist anymore…. You get the idea. So I’m hoping this will get everything squared away.

                                      I write suspense novels. I have several series out: a mystery series set in Texas in the 1980s with a woman newspaper editor protagonist; a mystery series in Alaska with a Native police lieutenant MC, a thriller series set in Seattle with a Marine turned cop reporter MC, and a new-adult political suspense series set during the Portland protests and pandemic. Those all get my main newsletter Telling Stories twice a month.

                                      This spring, I began a different kind of suspense series: a naranormal  series. It has its own newsletter, Wolf Harbor News, a community newspaper written by Syn Bell, a journalist character in the series. Twice a month as well.

                                      Looking forward? I have a new romantic suspense project starting this fall. I’ve been writing Vella series and I’ll be pulling them out to repackage as books. And they’ll need their own newsletter.  Joy. Actually I like writing newsletters — it’s the mechanics of subscriber lists and promos that set my teeth on edge.

                                      If you’re wondering why all the journalism protagonists? I’m a former journalist, and I write what I know: small towns, big cities, cops, politicians, reporters. Then I became a journalism professor (and the Portland series and the upcoming romantic suspense project pull from there). Now I write full-time.

                                      Glad to be here!

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                                      Trisha Messmer

                                        Hello all! I’m Trisha, pen name Trisha Messmer, and I’ve written contemporary romance but have switched to historical romance (with more success). I just finished the fourth full length novel for my historical series and it’s being run through the paces in my critique group now. In addition, I have two novellas in that series, one I recently finished in Tammi’s Cookie Challenge. I’m really looking forward to finding ways to make my newsletter more engaging–especially the onboarding automation. Mine are dull, and I worry I lose people right at the get-go. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States in Oregon. Looking forward to working with everyone and sharing ideas.

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                                          Hi everyone! I’m Kendra  – I write under the pen name Nikki Kincaid. I’ve written historical fiction, mysteries, horror, and YA. I’d love to get things in order so my currently-small list can grow with confidence. I’m excited for the course!

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                                          Jodie Carter

                                            Hi Everyone! I’m Jodie from Sydney Aus. I plan on writing speculative, like some others i haven’t released anything yet. I’m getting closer to releasing my cookie. I’m lost at newsletters so I’m looking forward to seeing how i can set things up to make the on boarding process easier for my future subs and me. 😀

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                                            Leena Pekkalainen


                                              I’ve taken two of Tammi’s courses. Started writing the cookie for my readers, but life got in the way. (I will finish it!)

                                              I’m from Turku, Finland. One of the “things that got in the way” of the cookie-writing was my sudden graduation. It was supposed to be arranged in December, but I cancelled going as there was the danger of quarantine in a foreign country over Christmas and my 82-year-old mother had no one but me and my husband to help her. Well, then the whole thing was canceled and suddenly very shortly before the actual event at the end of March the University of Manchester send information that the graduation was to be arranged after all. Which meant arranging free time from my 9-5 job, someone to take care of our 17-year-old cat, booking flights and hotels, buying the robes (which meant a lot of hassle in paying the thing – their chosen payment method just didn’t work and I absolutely wanted to buy them in case the graduation would be canceled again – at least I could then go to a photographer here at home), making sure my mother would be ok while we were away…

                                              And then my mother’s Parkinson’s decided to take a turn to the worse and that means me and my husband often need to go and help her, which effectively eats up our free time. And energy. Worrying sure eats up energies.

                                              I’ll do my best to keep up with the course, though.

                                              Oh, and the degree is MA in Egyptology. Which explains why my fantasy / time-travel novels tend to have an ancient Egyptian theme. I write with the pen name Leena Maria.

                                              I have also traditionally published three children’s books for the AUC Press with my real name Leena Pekkalainen. Theme is Egyptian, and I both wrote and illustrated the books (80 pics per book, approximately). Mr. Mummific tells how he was mummified and traveled in the afterlife. And Tutankhamun tells of his life and afterlife in a book that actually was chosen to travel  (= being sold) with the Treasures of the Golden King exhibition around the world (and then covid hit).

                                              Leena 🙂

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                                              Lynn Burke

                                                I’m Lynn and I have a fickle muse. I write MF, MM, MMF, PNR, a bit of BDSM, darker, forbidden…whatever sort of romance my creative side is in the mood for. BUT, my books are always hot af and contain a HEA.

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                                                Elise Stone

                                                  My name is Elise and I write cozy/traditional mysteries. I currently have a six-book (complete) senior sleuth series, a historical mystery series that I think of as Perry Mason in the Gilded Age, and, because my senior sleuth fans missed the heroine of the first series, earlier this year I released the first book in a new series where I’ve relocated her to a dude ranch to solve more crimes. I’ve also got a draft of a western that I will probably publish under a pen name. Or maybe not. My thirteenth book is on pre-order now with a release date of August 2nd.

                                                  I live in sunny Tucson, Arizona where it will “only” be 100 degrees today, but I grew up on Long Island and lived eight years in the Boston area, which, of course, makes me a Red Sox fan.

                                                  I have a little over 1800 subscribers on my mailing list, many added through BookFunnel promos. I put re-doing my automation sequence on my to-do list in January, but have made zero progress with that task, which is why I’m here. It would be nice to cross that off my list.

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                                                  Tameri Etherton

                                                    Hey everyone!

                                                    I’m Tameri Etherton, a California girl now living in super sunny (not) Edinburgh, Scotland. We absolutely love the weather here! True story.

                                                    I write fantasy – urban, epic, and fairytale retellings, all with action, adventure, and steamy romance. I’ve got my newsletter set up fairly well, but there’s always more to learn and more I can do. I made some bad (terrible) decisions early on in my newsletter adventures and I’m hoping to right the wrongs of my past. Consistency is what I’m going for, as well as entertaining. My goal is to turn all of my subscribers into super fans. <3

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                                                      Hi Everyone!

                                                      Lovely to see all the interesting things people are working on. My name is Ishaani. Pen name still TBD. I write romance with a historical and fantasy feel. I have a few novels that I’m still polishing, and hope to release later this year.  Taking this course to make sure I set everything up correctly from the beginning 🙂

                                                      Looking forward to learning with and from all of you!


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                                                      Laura Gans-Pomerantz

                                                        I love all the different genres and career stages and background stories we have here! Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

                                                        Forgive me, but if there’s a way to tag someone or reply to a specific post in the thread, I couldn’t figure it out. But I popped back in because I wanted to say to Lois that I think the community newspaper newsletter is brilliant! At least as I’m imagining it, it would be basically bonus content and a newsletter all in one. As a reader, I would eat something like that up.

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                                                          Laura Gans-Pomerantz

                                                            This is a test.

                                                            Hmm, or maybe the “reply” button on each post does make it a subthread? But it SAYS “reply to: your ninja concierge” …

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                                                              Laura Gans-Pomerantz

                                                                Okay, yeah, that does work. But also it doesn’t look like there’s a way to delete my posts, so I’ll just leave this all here for everyone’s reference…


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                                                                    Thanks for liking my community newspaper idea! I just finished the rough draft of this month’s letter. I love channeling Syndi Bell, a former Vegas pole dancer turned reporter, and now a shifter. She’s a snarky smart-ass who has all the inside scoop. So yeah, small vignettes from off stage, updates on reviews, and where to buy the books. I hope people like it — it’s pretty new. At least it’s easy to write, and I don’t have to scramble for WTH am I writing about this month? (I have two NL and the other one is more of a scramble.)

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                                                                      Laura Gans-Pomerantz

                                                                        Sounds super fun!

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                                                                        As a side note, Tammi or I can delete anything, in case you accidentally tell information you’d rather keep secret (a pen name you don’t want public, for example). But I think your test is really helpful to others, so I’ll leave it here 🙂

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                                                                          Laura Gans-Pomerantz

                                                                            Good to know. Thank you!

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                                                                    Erin Austin

                                                                      Hello everyone,

                                                                      I’m Erin, and I write cozy mysteries with my mom and co-author, ReGina Welling. I also write historical mysteries under the pen name Emily Queen.

                                                                      Tammi’s books really helped me get over the dread of writing my NL every month, and I’ve seen enough of an increase in engagement to let me know I’m on the right track. I’ve only done the bare minimum for onboarding, so I’m looking forward to really getting in there and optimizing my content. I learn well in a course environment, so I’m probably more excited than I ought to be about this whole thing!

                                                                      Good luck everyone, and I hope many of us will have become friends by the end of the month! 😀

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                                                                      Jess Brown

                                                                        Hello, everyone. I’m Jess and I live in the midwestern US. I’m fairly new to the book publishing scene but am really loving it so far. I’m working on my third book and my niche is mystery, suspense, and police procedurals. I’m excited to be here and learn how to build my email list with the right people and market my books effectively. I hope to make some friends here too. I look forward to that. 🙂

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                                                                        Nicholas Kotar

                                                                          Hello everyone!

                                                                          Last to post, I think 🙂 My name is Nick and I write epic fantasy inspired by Slavic fairy tales. I’m also a bit of a multi-media guy, which is complicating my list strategy. I have two podcasts, one in which I retell fairy tales and another in which I critique fantasy and sci fi media new and old, a growing youtube channel, and a Patreon that has been doing well, for which I do some short fiction and a book club. I also translate from Russian to English and am a professional musician (choral conductor and singer).

                                                                          I took a basic course with Tammi a while back and was very, very happy to see Ninja 2 come into being especially after seeing it initially come down from pre order on Amazon. I read it in a single breath and can’t wait to implement its principles in this course.

                                                                          I also planned on doing a bunch of cookies and integrating them into new automations even before I found out about this course. So I’m very excited to be here and meet you all!

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                                                                            Hello! It looks like everyone is doing introductions in this thread, so — I’m here too!

                                                                            I’m Laura, and I’m a writer and faculty trainer/educator in animal behavior. (I’m particularly known for my work in anxiety and fear-aggression, so Tammi, I feel you and your dogs, no need to apologize, and let me know if you ever want to chat!)

                                                                            I write in a variety of niches, from epic fantasy to non-fiction about animal behavior. I know that’s quite a range and I like to joke that I’m bad at branding, but I’m trying hard to make me the brand and get at least some readers to follow me between epic fantasy and historical fantasy or something. We’ll see. I have a backlist, but I see a lot of room to improve my marketing (including communication with existing fans) and that’s why I’m here!

                                                                            I look forward to chatting with all of you here and leveling up together!

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                                                                            Tara Crescent

                                                                              Hi everyone,

                                                                              I’m Tara, I write under two pen names. I write steamy contemporary romance as Tara Crescent, and sci-fi romance as Lili Zander. I like to think I have a handle on the basics, but I’m always looking to up my newsletter game, and I’m excited to be here.

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                                                                              Gerard Rebagliati

                                                                                This is a test.

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                                                                                Valerie Comer

                                                                                  I’m here… slow, but present. It was a busy weekend, what can I say…

                                                                                  I’m Valerie, and I have 35+ Christian contemporary romances published over the past seven(ish) years. I have a NL with about 5K subscribers and some automations in place, but I’d like to get better engagement and, um, sales.

                                                                                  Hi, everyone! Maybe I’ll see some of you in Zoom shortly.

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                                                                                  James Wisher

                                                                                    Hello everyone. I’m James and I write Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction.  I’ve published 37 novels and am looking to up my newsletter game.

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                                                                                      Hello everyone!

                                                                                      I’m jumping in late from frosty New Zealand. I published my 28th story last week. I have written all sorts of things from seasonal romantic comedy to YA to urban fantasy without the urban and paranormal romance, all with an LGBTQ+ focus. I have decided to focus on gaslamp and am at the start of a rebrand. Look forward to getting to know you more in the coming weeks.

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                                                                                      Debra Sutton

                                                                                        Hey Everyone!

                                                                                        It has been a busy week! I’m Deb. I write contemporary gay romance under D. K. Sutton and YA LGBTQ+ Romance under the pen name Addison Lloyd. I have published 15 books–a combination of novels, novellas and short stories.  I’ve read Newsletter Ninja, but this is my first ninja workshop. I have a NL of about 3700 subscribers for my DK Sutton books. I want to start one for my YA books. I have some automations going, but I know they are inadequate. I’m excited to get started!

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                                                                                        Frankie Blooding

                                                                                          I know I’m late to the game, but I’m here now and that’s what matters. I write urban fantasy, epic fantasy, and sci-fi. I’m more on the spec side of things, though I’m trying to add a little more romance to my UF because I would really like them to sell better. I’m not much of a romance author though, so I can’t say it’s working super well.

                                                                                          I’ve messed up my newsletter in every way possible. My current subscribers are probably worn the freak out with me trying new things and then getting overwhelmed, and then falling off the face of the planet. I am going to try to salvage some of them. I do have some true fans, but… I’m basically starting from scratch. Again. For like the 20th time. I’m really hoping that after this, I don’t have to start over again. I just need to find something I can manage while writing.

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