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      Stephanie Flint

        I have a YA Dystopian SciFi convertible cookie I should have ready to swap in three-four weeks. It’s now out to beta-readers, and I’m giving them a couple weeks to look at it. If anyone is interested in swapping (mid-May or later?), let me know. 🙂

        Here’s the current info:

        Initiated Book Cover

        WIP Blurb:

        Are they trapped in a shared hallucination?
        Or lost in a warped reality?

        In the Community, children and teenagers take a daily pill to develop their immunity to a hallucinogenic plague. Upon reaching adulthood, their immunity is tested. Those who fail the test are forced to leave their homes and sent to a remote facility for treatment, while those who pass join the hardworking ranks of society.

        As a high school art student whose work isn’t valued by the Community, Erin keeps to herself and a few close friends. She can’t risk exposing her secret: that she’s already experienced the plague’s symptoms.

        When the art room morphs to match her latest sketch, it seems like another one of those episodes. But the door to the nurse’s office, where she could find a replacement pill, has vanished. And the halls shift, revealing a haunting treatment facility with monsters for patients.

        Her friend sees the monsters, too.

        As they navigate the school-turned-treatment-facility, Erin faces the unnerving possibility that everything she’s believed about the Community, and even reality, is more terrifying than she imagined.

        She’ll have the choice to escape, but which reality is real?

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