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        I’m trying to come up with a title for my cookie, since I can’t very well call it “Henry Cavill and the Big-Ass Spear That Could Fight Guys” — TITLES ARE SO HARD 😭. If anyone wants to show up early to the write-in, I’ll probably still be brainstorming it.

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        Isla Elrick

          I am ready to brainstorm whenever you want!

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          Stephanie Flint

            Do you have any of the titles for the books in the main series?
            Or example comp titles?

            Maybe we can help figure something out. (Or figure out what doesn’t work, at least).

            I’m still in the process of figuring out the title for my cookie, too.

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            Jodie Carter

              The way i did mine not sure if it’s a good title, is what is one of the main things that my character is doing or an aim. For my cookie i named it The Infiltrator as his infiltrating an organization to bring it down. For @Tammi maybe a play on a known saying maybe On a Spear and a Prayer or something like that as its his what the fuck is going on type of thing

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