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        Haven’t seen any activity in class. You okay? Jude

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        Nicole Arrowsmith

          Was just talking about this with a friend participating. I was surprised when I didn’t wake up to an email about the week. My kids were sick so I wasn’t able to do the write ins this week. It’s been super quiet since the email about the lightbulb. Hope everything is okay 🙁

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            Is there a pop-up write-in today?

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              Hey, guys, sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Thanks so much for checking on me, Jude. 💕

              I’ve sent an email in the interim, which you probably saw, but — without being too specific about personal stuff — it was a hell of a week. (Not because of the light bulb, though. That worked out fine. 🥴 )

              On the plus side, Weeks 3 and 4 were always going to be mostly about amassing words before moving into the editing and cross-promo part in Weeks 5 and 6, so it was a good time for everything to go pear-shaped.

              As of yesterday there are a couple of new videos up, the section on self-editing will go up later today or early tomorrow, and we’re in a holding pattern for our Bookfunnel coupons/procedure but they are coming. I also have a guest coming in to help with cover copy (“blurbs”), which is definitely not one of my talents.

              Sabrina, there was no popup yesterday, just the regularly scheduled write-in. There’s another tomorrow. Those are all on the calendar, which you can find here:

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