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      Trisha Messmer

        So I had all kinds of ideas before starting the challenge and now I’m questioning all of them. Nothing I’ve thought of fits with the ingredients of the “cookie recipe.”

        For reference, I write historical (Regency era) romance. I thought of writing a prequel novella for parents of one of the couples (I actually played with an idea of writing five of these that I could bundle together later). But of course none of the main characters in the series would make an appearance because, duh, they haven’t been born.

        Then I had an idea for a story of two side characters who are already married to show their story–but they’re not features until book three (I’m working on the fourth in the series now). So there’s not features in all the books.

        I actually used the “best” side couple in the series (who appear in every book) already when I wrote a prequel novella around the same time as the first book. It did pretty well, got me lots of new subscribers from BookFunnel promotions, but then when it began attracting less subscribers, I made the mistake of putting it on Amazon. It’s not in KU (the full novels in the series are) so I can still give it away, and it’s my cookie on my website. TBH, I sell more of those than I give away now (the series is doing well). So I dunno.

        I also offer extended epilogues in each book and I get a good number of sign ups for those, but I think I need another convertible cookie. Help? What should I do?

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          That damn recipe! That’ll teach me to get cute.

          But you’re feeling better about all of this after the call, right?

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            Trisha Messmer

              @Tammi. Yes, thank you.

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              @Trisha. Already replied in my thread, but will say again here. I’m always up for brainstorming or coworking so feel free to reach out anytime!

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                Trisha Messmer

                  @Moira. Thanks, I appreciate the offer to help. Now that I know I can proceed with my original ideas, I think I’m good. But who knows what will happen as I write. 😀

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