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      Erin Austin

        Hi Tammi and everyone,

        I’ve gone over all of the course information so far, and a few of the workshop replays because unfortunately I got behind and wasn’t ready to attend live–so maybe I’ve missed something, but I’m struggling with how to set up certain types of automations in MailerLite.

        Specifically, how to trigger emails I want to send on a specific date like a book birthday or a launch sequence. Should they be done as automations or individual campaigns?

        Will there be some how-to videos about this, or am I missing a whole section? Or, was this covered in a workshop and if so could someone tell me which one?


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        Ella Braeme

          Hey there,

          I second that and want to add sign-up anniversaries. Should I have a FIELD “sign-up date” in the onboarding sequence? (MailerLite)

          Thanks, Ella

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            Erin Austin

              I would think that with that one, you could do it under Automations, use them being added to the list as a trigger, then set it to repeat every 365 days. I can’t see where it allows you to schedule an automation for a specific date though.

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