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        I’m writing an extended epilogue that is intended to be also a standalone. It’s the second chance part of the original series (of interconnected standalones) prequel romance. Thought myself incredibly clever coming up with it, and now am wondering if people will hate me if they read the prequel first and then the second starts with the couple having separated. Also, am running up against places where things are possibly a bit spoiler-y as well as an extended cast of characters that I’m not sure I should bring into the cookie, but want to introduce as they will be characters in other books in the series.

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          I think it’s doable but I haven’t seen it done often. Are you coming to either of the scheduled planning sessions? I’d love to hash it out f2f!

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              Arrgh! Had a previous reply and it seems to have gone into the ether…
              Missed the planning sessions, am going to try for tomorrow though. I think I have it plotted out and may just write and see if some brainstorming helps me work around the issues if I hit any. Part of me just has that feeling of, hmmm, feels like something may be ahead, but I have no idea what it is. Guess I’ll just keep going….
              Will play with it today and see.

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            Trisha Messmer

              @Moira. Are the other books already written (the prequel of first part of the romance)? I’m guessing yes. Because I was thinking of doing something the opposite–writing the first part (the prequel) as the cookie and the full novel as the second chance romance. Leave it to Tammi, though. She’ll figure it out. She’s a wizard! Good luck–I feel like I’m in the same boat as you. 🙁

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                  @Trisha I wasn’t able to come to the planning session with Tammi, but watched it later. It seems like you’ve gotten yours worked out, but if you’d like to get on a brainstorming zoom around this I’d love it! I’m pretty good at seeing others and am hoping someone might spot the problem areas for me.

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