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      Laura Rye

        Hi everyone — just wanted to report that I’ve been stressing about everything, it’s my first time order a cover like this, BUT I just clicked the link to see what was required, and guess what! All you have to do is put in the NINJA50 coupon code and click “submit order”! You DO NOT need to know your title or even give them any cover instructions yet.

        This is the confirmation message I got:

        “Please fill in the form below and submit it once complete. If you aren’t quite ready to fill out the form yet, that’s perfectly fine! Just save the web address of this page and return to fill it out at any time, or contact us when you’re ready and we’ll send you a direct link back here. If you have any questions or concerns you can write us at:

        Tammi’s deal ends on Sunday, so don’t miss out!

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        Jobie Baldwin

          I agree. I sent over orders for my two cookies, one of which I haven’t even finished outlining. I’ve already received a response from my account manager saying hi.

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          Isla Elrick


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            Katje van Loon

              ok this is really good to know! I miiiight have been in a state of abject terror the past few days because of cover ordering. This helps with the terror a bit.

              (Still have some imposter syndrome and stuff because I have commitment issues. Anyway.)

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              Katje van Loon

                Ordered my first cover! AND DEAR GODS THE EXCHANGE RATE

                I am considering this a sign from the universe to try and get my hands on an USD credit card, ASAP, for my author biz. Woof.

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