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      Laura Rye

        Romance writers! I am so relieved to report that Gwen Hayes’ Romancing the Beats is as fantastic a craft book for outlining and writing romance as I’ve heard everyone say. It’s also REALLY SHORT, to my enormous relief. Just about 10k words.

        I was prepared to speed-read a longer book if necessary, as I’ve heard so many rave reviews for it and I figured it was the best way to plunge into writing my cookie (I’m new to traditional romance writing).

        IT’S SO SHORT AND HELPFUL. Definitely check it out or pull it out for a refresh if you’re getting stuck with your cookie.

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          Totally agree – and easy to implement!

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          Erin Brockus

            Yes, it’s very good! I also like Jami Gold’s Romance Beat Sheets if you’d like something that allows more “wiggle room” or spontaneity . I use Plottr to plan my books. It has premade templates (including both of these) and makes easier. For me anyway. I really struggle with figuring out my story!

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              I LOVE Plottr and Scrivener.

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