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      Jobie Baldwin

        Hi lovely peeps,

        I’ve been thinking (oh no!). It was about how to present our cookies to my list (and your lists) at the end of the challenge, and how we might do that…and I had a couple of thoughts.

        1. I might tell my list in this month’s newsletter (they’re on a nurture sequence that gives them a couple of other emails per month), that I’m doing a story writing challenge with other writers and will be giving them something tasty AND nutritious at the end of the challenge (April). Is anyone else thinking of doing this or something similar?

        2. I’m sure Tammi is planning on us setting up genre group promos on Bookfunnel to share the goodness. My question is, do we want that to be private or should we set it up early and allow other authors to sign up too (question for Tammi).

        3. What are others planning to do that I can copy/piggyback for my own list?

        These are just initial thoughts (most of my thoughts are just initial but that’s a problem for another day) and I’d really like to hear what other people are thinking about doing in preparation for leveraging our last (post-writing) week.

        Jobie x

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          I have answers for you but I’m literally too tired; I will check in tomorrow morning!

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            Well, I am still not ready because I switch my cookie to my novel book I, and my novel to the cookie, which means I still need a cover for my cookie. I have now paid for cookie cover plus book 2 and 3 covers in my series.  So I am working on getting the form filled out and redoing my old novel for the cookie cover.  I am also rewriting the old novel a bit, as some things changed with the switch.  I want to get this done before the end of the year along with book I which I’d like to publish by 2023 if not before–earlier if possible.

            I have started my own street team group although I don’t have much going there yet.

            I do have email list but it is small almost 500.  I send monthly, but I lose one or two every time I send out, but I also gain 2 to 3 a month, sometimes 1 to 2 a day as well, so number stays about the same.  Then occasionally, I get several in a month and the numbers climbs a little, but I am not doing a lot to add ot the list yet.   I may add a “I want more reads section” where I add other peoples books for promotion.  If I increased my sending to twice month, I might do that every other time, but still thinking about it.

            I talk to my people in my newsletter via my character in the book I am writing.  He was a favorite in a flash fiction and they ask for more of him.   He is a Dragon Fae Sprite name Smoak.  I was kind of shy about talking in the newsletter and by making him my voice it helped.

            I may plan a special around a holiday too for cross promotion/swaps.  I am still thinking about all of this, but so not ready yet.

            I have also started an experiment for Paranormal Women’s Fiction Midlife trope, which I am doing the outline of the cooke in 150 word short form on Medium, while serializing the story in short form.  So far so good.  Midlife Ghostwalker: Katje Storm. Thank you Katje for inspiring me and approving the use of your name.  It is beautiful. I have been gaining followers on Medium.  I will be doing something around that one too.  Not sure if that one fits here in fantasy or not though.

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