Nicholas Kotar

    Hello everyone!

    Last to post, I think 🙂 My name is Nick and I write epic fantasy inspired by Slavic fairy tales. I’m also a bit of a multi-media guy, which is complicating my list strategy. I have two podcasts, one in which I retell fairy tales and another in which I critique fantasy and sci fi media new and old, a growing youtube channel, and a Patreon that has been doing well, for which I do some short fiction and a book club. I also translate from Russian to English and am a professional musician (choral conductor and singer).

    I took a basic course with Tammi a while back and was very, very happy to see Ninja 2 come into being especially after seeing it initially come down from pre order on Amazon. I read it in a single breath and can’t wait to implement its principles in this course.

    I also planned on doing a bunch of cookies and integrating them into new automations even before I found out about this course. So I’m very excited to be here and meet you all!