Elise Stone

    My name is Elise and I write cozy/traditional mysteries. I currently have a six-book (complete) senior sleuth series, a historical mystery series that I think of as Perry Mason in the Gilded Age, and, because my senior sleuth fans missed the heroine of the first series, earlier this year I released the first book in a new series where I’ve relocated her to a dude ranch to solve more crimes. I’ve also got a draft of a western that I will probably publish under a pen name. Or maybe not. My thirteenth book is on pre-order now with a release date of August 2nd.

    I live in sunny Tucson, Arizona where it will “only” be 100 degrees today, but I grew up on Long Island and lived eight years in the Boston area, which, of course, makes me a Red Sox fan.

    I have a little over 1800 subscribers on my mailing list, many added through BookFunnel promos. I put re-doing my automation sequence on my to-do list in January, but have made zero progress with that task, which is why I’m here. It would be nice to cross that off my list.