Hello, I write as L.J. Breedlove, but I’m Lois. I’m looking forward to this class! I’ve read and applied what I learned, and then learned some more, and tried applying that on top of the old NL structure, and then did it again. I have this horrible feeling that there are people trapped in limbo, that there are stubs that go nowhere, links to landing pages that don’t exist anymore…. You get the idea. So I’m hoping this will get everything squared away.

    I write suspense novels. I have several series out: a mystery series set in Texas in the 1980s with a woman newspaper editor protagonist; a mystery series in Alaska with a Native police lieutenant MC, a thriller series set in Seattle with a Marine turned cop reporter MC, and a new-adult political suspense series set during the Portland protests and pandemic. Those all get my main newsletter Telling Stories twice a month.

    This spring, I began a different kind of suspense series: a naranormal  series. It has its own newsletter, Wolf Harbor News, a community newspaper written by Syn Bell, a journalist character in the series. Twice a month as well.

    Looking forward? I have a new romantic suspense project starting this fall. I’ve been writing Vella series and I’ll be pulling them out to repackage as books. And they’ll need their own newsletter.  Joy. Actually I like writing newsletters — it’s the mechanics of subscriber lists and promos that set my teeth on edge.

    If you’re wondering why all the journalism protagonists? I’m a former journalist, and I write what I know: small towns, big cities, cops, politicians, reporters. Then I became a journalism professor (and the Portland series and the upcoming romantic suspense project pull from there). Now I write full-time.

    Glad to be here!