Welcome everyone! If you’re on Tammi’s regular newsletter list, you may know she’s out of town this first week of the course. But she’ll be back before the official beginning of the course to say hi and answer all your questions!

    I sent an email on Friday, but in my “thoroughness” I added a few too many images and links, and it seems to have gotten caught in many people’s spam filters or not delivered. There’s a reason Tammi is the Newsletter Ninja and not me!

    We’re having some technical issues linking up the Zoom meetings to the Google calendar. We’ll have it sorted soon, but in the meantime, the weekly workshops will (mostly) be held every week at:

    Tuesdays at 9pm ET
    Thursdays at 2pm ET
    Fridays at 10am ET
    Saturdays at 2pm ET

    All of these are US Eastern time. You can convert them to your timezone using: https://dateful.com/time-zone-converter

    And once again, welcome!