Gerard Rebagliati

Hi, I am here too. My name is Gerard, writing under a pen name, and I am a professional living in Seattle, WA hoping to release my first book next year. I write fantasy science fiction in an “alternate” universe milieu. I am working on an epic, multiple book series” action adventure with a strong romance subplot and military science fiction elements. The best description I can give to it is: Star Wars playing Lord of the Rings. I am eager to learn what is necessary to build my email subscriber list before I release my first book.

Wherever possible, I use my pen name, but it seems I am bound to use my real name here. As I get my business organization more ordered, you may see my pen name online. Don’t tell anyone else. I am trying to maintain professional privacy and build an aura of mystique and intrigue for my future readers while telling them stories that might seem tall tales but really happened.  For example, I survived five typhoons and a Richter 8.2 earthquake while living in Micronesia over the course of 18 months. Such experiences inform my fiction writing. Glad to be here. Go ninjas.

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