Trisha Messmer

    I think my readers would be fine with more explicit content. Some of them have emailed me about books they’ve read and there are some scorchers on their list. 🙂 So I don’t think it would be a problem for me or my readers. Yes, there is one love scene in mine–but it’s a reader magnet of 15,000 words–so it was hard enough to work in one scene as it was. LOL It really depends on the story (and the couple) how many scenes I include in my full length novels.

    My books tend to be more focused on story, character development, and the relationship. My love scenes are open door. My readers like a good story, regardless of the amount of sex included. And those who don’t like to read explicit sex scenes don’t typically sign up for my newsletter. Most of my engaged subscribers have come from extended epilogues that I offer at the end of each book–so they know what they’re getting already. 🙂

    However if you feel your readers might be disappointed in my books, I completely understand. Our main goal is to make our readers happy, right? It kind of depends on what they’re looking for. You know your readers. It’s completely up to you. No worries at all.



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