Well, I am still not ready because I switch my cookie to my novel book I, and my novel to the cookie, which means I still need a cover for my cookie. I have now paid for cookie cover plus book 2 and 3 covers in my series.  So I am working on getting the form filled out and redoing my old novel for the cookie cover.  I am also rewriting the old novel a bit, as some things changed with the switch.  I want to get this done before the end of the year along with book I which I’d like to publish by 2023 if not before–earlier if possible.

    I have started my own street team group although I don’t have much going there yet.

    I do have email list but it is small almost 500.  I send monthly, but I lose one or two every time I send out, but I also gain 2 to 3 a month, sometimes 1 to 2 a day as well, so number stays about the same.  Then occasionally, I get several in a month and the numbers climbs a little, but I am not doing a lot to add ot the list yet.   I may add a “I want more reads section” where I add other peoples books for promotion.  If I increased my sending to twice month, I might do that every other time, but still thinking about it.

    I talk to my people in my newsletter via my character in the book I am writing.  He was a favorite in a flash fiction and they ask for more of him.   He is a Dragon Fae Sprite name Smoak.  I was kind of shy about talking in the newsletter and by making him my voice it helped.

    I may plan a special around a holiday too for cross promotion/swaps.  I am still thinking about all of this, but so not ready yet.

    I have also started an experiment for Paranormal Women’s Fiction Midlife trope, which I am doing the outline of the cooke in 150 word short form on Medium, while serializing the story in short form.  So far so good.  Midlife Ghostwalker: Katje Storm. Thank you Katje for inspiring me and approving the use of your name.  It is beautiful. I have been gaining followers on Medium.  I will be doing something around that one too.  Not sure if that one fits here in fantasy or not though.

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