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Trisha Messmer

    I’ll be honest, if you hadn’t mentioned the wine glass I don’t think I would have picked up on that–but that’s probably only me and I’m stupid. My eyes zeroed in on the part where the wine is pouring in and it’s on the guy’s head–and before my dumb butt figured out it was wine pouring in, I thought, “Why does he have something coming out of his head?” LOL  The border around it might be dating it a bit (I’m wondering how many contemporary romances use a border–even for illustrated/vector covers)–also I think the top of the border is distorting the shape of the bottle so it looks curved and maybe that’s what threw me off that it was a bottle. I don’t know.  The font is legible (which is great). The hearts and couple communicate the romance–and the pose of the couple suggests sweet romance–so those are pluses. I’m not sure about the colors, though. Did you compare the colors of comparable books to see what is generally used? Have you asked to see it without the border?