Linda Cardillo

    Here’s my final blurb–turned the plot I described above into a novella when it became clear I needed more words.

    A young woman promised to the convent.
    A young man committed to Irish independence.
    A relationship forged in the heat of the emerging uprising.

     Catríona Scannell’s magnificent singing—“the voice of an angel”—is her ticket out of her isolated village on Ireland’s North Atlantic coast and the force that sets her life on an unexpected journey.

    Arriving in Dublin in 1904 on a scholarship to a Catholic girls’ school, she turns her awakening to her Irish identity first to composing music and then to supporting Ireland’s struggle for freedom from British rule.

    Under the mentorship of a nun deeply involved in the cause of Irish independence, Catríona embarks on a role as a courier in the underground. But her dreams for her life are shattered when her mother makes a dying wish that Catríona profess her vows as a nun.

    Taking risks that place her at odds with the established Church and her path to the convent, Catríona forms a bond with Liam Keaney, a young revolutionary whose involvement in a violent action has made him a fugitive.

    Can Catríona reconcile her promise to her mother with her fervent belief in Ireland’s freedom and her deepening relationship with Liam? Will she commit herself to God or to Ireland?

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