Hey guys, I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions for my blurb. I’ve been tinkering with it for quite a while. Also thanks in advance for the advice.


    They have spent their lives settling for less, but now Callum needed more…

    In the country of Cerellea, the Myria hold dominion over the cities and those gifted with supernatural powers like them. They are a black society shrouded in secrets, and their abilities are far more deadly.

    For the Myria, Callum and Haydn are expendable sheep. To Callum, they deserve more than the short leashes around their necks. Determined to take the life owed to them, Callum knows he must convince Haydn to become more than they already are. They must join one of the most elite social clubs in their organization, the EVE.

    If only Haydn could see it that way.

    When fortune and misfortune are two sides of the same coin, could Callum leave his partner behind for a chance at a better life?