Jodie Carter

    Hey guys, i know were getting these looked at tomorrow but i would appreciate what your thoughts on my blurb are. Thank you!

    Stephen Valtor was at a point in his life where things were finally working to his favor. That was until he was ‘volunteered’ for a life or death mission.

    The world is not as we know it. Witches live their everyday life under the vale of obscurity. For hundreds of years, they have looked over their shoulders. For those who know of their existence. The Witch Hunters have been pursuing them. Slowly and gruesomely, they have been killing in the name of ridding the world of the horror of Witches. No matter the price to the normal population.

    For Stephen, the Hunter threat has been the boogieman. The monster under the bed to scare children into good behavior. His lack of magic as a neutral had left him disconnected from his family and community. With his computer skills and tech know how. He has been able to make a spot for himself between the two worlds, the normal everyday and the Witch world.

    When visiting family friends turned into being ‘volunteered’ for a dangerous mission against the Hunter threat. Stephen was thrown into a situation that he never thought was possible. The outcome would have lasting effects on those around him.

    Can he rise to the challenge and save the Witch world from being discovered and wiped out?

    Or will he fail under the immense pressure, dooming all that he cares and loves, to death?

    Click the ‘buy now’ and join Stephen as he navigates his way to success or ruin.

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