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Stephanie Flint

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback! 😀

    1. Great points on the typography (and wow… I hadn’t noticed how the light and dark parts are all mixed up on Steelheart… that’s really cool). I’ll see if I can incorporate some of those ideas and then post an updated version.

    2. Yeah… I haven’t figured out how to make the name and series name not disappear at thumbnail. Maybe I can figure out something based on the updates I do to the title? (That part has definitely been a struggle).

    3. The gear is the symbol I’ve been putting on all the covers for the books set in the Distant Horizon universe. Typically I’ve made it red (since, in the story, it’s usually depicted as crimson), but I didn’t think that would work well for this one. That said, you have a point about it being dark on a light cover. I’ll see if I can experiment with white or silver, maybe, and see how that would look.

    Thanks again! I’ll make some adjustments and then post the updated cover once I have the next version ready.