Trisha Messmer

    Mine is a Regency romance featuring the parents of one of the heroines of my series. It is an arranged marriage trope, but with a bit of a twist. When her father informs her that he’s arranged a marriage to the heir to a baron from Somerset, the heroine runs off in the middle of the night to escape her fate.
    The hero receives a letter from his father, who is gravely ill, notifying him he’s arranged a marriage with the daughter of a wealthy barrister in Dorset. Reluctantly, the hero feels he has no choice but to fulfill his dying father’s wish.
    The two meet on the road when her horse throws a shoe. She does not give her last name (which is all he knows) and she only knows the baron’s title, not his surname. Being the gentleman he is, he offers to escort her to the nearest posting inn to either secure a new horse or find passage on a carriage to continue her journey. They are waylaid overnight at the inn, and he stays with her to protect her from some nefarious fellows.
    When she relays her predicament, he realizes she might possibly be his intended bride.
    My novels do have one descriptive love scene, so I’m trying to decide where to work one in the novella. One night stands weren’t common during Regency, especially for a gently-bred lady and gentleman, so I’m struggling with the idea that they would get together at the inn (although I did work it so they only had one room left for them–so forced proximity).
    She does return home (after he convinces her it’s best to face her problems rather than running away from them) and of course discovers that he is her intended. So I may write a wedding night love scene instead.