@Laura – I’ve been out sick since last Friday, so I’m starting late, too. My convertible cookie is a 2nd chance epilogue for the couple in book 1 of my series (which I am still writing) with the idea that you can read the HEA in the Epilogue and will want to read about how they first met in Book 1 or the other way around. I’ve started thinking of it as a side quest as the couple will be in the other books so I have to think about what easter eggs I can add and where I need to be more minimal with the engagement of characters/story lines. I am very aware that this is a more challenging cookie than I probably needed to take on for the first time, but I’ve been noodling it for ages and it seems really fun. Plus, I have the chance to tweak the other books to bring things together nicely if I need.

    I haven’t looked at the Training Grounds, but will do so soon.

    I keep thinking back to Tammi’s statement “knowing they are going to end up together isn’t a spoiler” and that makes me more confident that I can pull this off. And, if you are looking for ideas and want to meet up by zoom sometime, I love brainstorming!