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Katje van Loon

    *looks at her 250K epic fantasy*

    *cough* Yeah. I feel that on a spiritual level. XD

    (I did the story math for my Cookie A and came up with 15K and was like…no. No way. It’s going to take at LEAST 25K to tell this story. But I set my goal at 15K and am going to TRY to aim for that, though if it runs over I’ll forgive myself as Cookie A is for the epic fantasy. 25K is, what, 10% the size of the first book? So.)

    (Also I’ve realized I’m a discovery writer — I think that’s the term — I can plan and think things out and even create a SUPER robust outline, but writing ALWAYS creates more discovery of what’s actually happening, which often alters my plans and thus word count estimates. C’est la vie.)