Alan Lastufka

    I’m writing a cookie for my first book. In the book, there is a popular radio DJ my characters listen to in the background of a few scenes, and he features in two scenes himself when my MC’s father (the mayor of their small town) makes an appearance on the DJ’s radio show.

    Anyway, for the cookie, the DJ gets his own story. Basically, a storm knocks out power to the entire town. But the radio station mysteriously lights back up and has all the power it needs to broadcast. Every radio in town turns on. And a voice from beyond our world takes over the airwaves. The DJ hesitantly tries to talk to the phantom while the entire town tunes in. What does this creature want? Find out after this short commercial break! LOL

    I’m going to call it DEAD FM. The cookie will hopefully work for new readers, who I can direct to my novel where the DJ is featured. And the cookie will hopefully work for readers who’ve finished the novel and want to read a story about the DJ’s own brush with the supernatural.