Stephanie Flint

    Good to know. I went ahead and took the High5 strengths test last night. 🙂

    It was definitely interesting. There were a couple details that didn’t quite line up (I don’t think), but some of them definitely made sense. I kind of want to think about them more and see if there’s any way I might be able to apply them intentionally.

    I ended up with:

    1. Philomath
    Your objective is to learn new things.

    2. Strategist
    Your objective is to see the big picture

    3. Problem Solver
    Your objective is to solve problems

    4. Storyteller
    You are a born storyteller and your goal is to communicate a message.

    5. Self-Believer
    Your objective is to radiate confidence.

    I don’t know how close they line up with Clifton Strengths, but I imagine they’ll still be useful.