Nicole Arrowsmith

    Me! I had a ton of trouble finding exactly how to classify the stuff I’m working on and it’s like you said. It’s not really horror, or suspense (besides the usual supernatural tropey stuff) and it’s definitely not a thriller. I mix in mythology and twisted fairytales as inspiration. I like to think of it like the TV show Grimm with some Supernatural, Knives Out, and OUAT thrown in there. I’m writing the same MC who has always been able to see dead people and it just got more intense as she grew up, especially after a Near-Death Experience which helps her figure out what to do about it. Her parents were involved with supernatural stuff too and when the detective dad goes missing, she steps in to cover cases and stop denying that this is what she is suppose to be doing. My cookie for the challenge is about the time she was at a sleepover and everything went horribly wrong after the host decides to mess with a ouija board which has major consequences that spill over into Book 1 and a similar case will eventually come up. I’m sorry! I ramble a lot. I just get very excited about Cassie and the over/underworld I’m building. I will say I’m a baby author and just getting this series started.