Katje van Loon

    /waves. Hey all!

    So the two series I have books published in are Epic Fantasy and Portal Fantasy. Ish. Genres tend to get murky for me really quickly, but so far that’s what I have them pegged as.

    The epic fantasy is set on a planet that was colonized by Terrans many millennia in the past for them — gives me a lot of room to work in that universe to write all sorts of stories, which is good because my brain is bursting with plot bunnies and having to start from scratch with worldbuilding every time is a pain.

    That said, I do have to do some worldbuilding for my main cookie…help I keep making more work for myself.

    I’m planning on doing a villain origin story for my epic fantasy series, though while I was planning in the planning pop-up session I came up with an idea for a cookie for my portal fantasy series…so I may end up doing 2 cookies for this challenge!

    I’ve also now realized that two side-stories I want to do within those series will work much better as cookies than actual releases, so I just keep adding cookies to my baking sheet… XD