Valerie Larouche

    Can I ask: what exactly makes a mystery “cozy”?
    To me, cozy mysteries were always lighter and cuter than mysteries. Am I wrong? Cause I’ve read it explained as “amateur sleuths suddenly finding themselves at the heart of mystery in a small town.”
    What actually defines a cozy mystery?

    I write a mystery series (finished the 1st one, writing the 2nd one) where the protagonist is young woman (late twenties) with trauma in her past and an ability to “connect” with other people in her dreams. There’s a mystery (a kidnapping) in the small town where she grew up. And although my MC is a woman, the book is not light or cute. Odessa (my MC) is gruff and a bit irritable, but has a good heart. She just hurts a lot.

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s not cozy….right? :-S HELP! lol