Trisha Messmer

    Good questions, all. (am I talking like Yoda?)
    As far as the abode for this forum, Valerie has a good point when thinking “forward.” Perhaps keep it in February 2022 (for this class) and then make something like an archive where future classes can poke around to find answers if they wish. I dunno.
    Oh, genre. TBH I’m a little bummed because I seem to be the only one in this challenge who writes historical romance. Romance is such a broad, broad category/genre–it’s the largest on Amazon (followed by Literature and Fiction–which is duh, kind of everything that’s not non-fiction (is that a double negative?)). So contemporary and historical romance are quite different. There is definitely some reader cross over (I’m one of those readers, I’ll read/have read just about anything). But I think there’s wisdom in keeping it tighter within your niche. (pronounced neeche–thank you, Tammi).
    I don’t read a lot of it, but IMHO Fantasy and Sci Fi have very different audiences in general–so I would keep those separate.
    Mystery/suspense/thriller might have more cross-over–but when it comes to cozy (or cosy as the Brits would say) I’m thinking those are also different audiences. I will admit I have yet to read a cozy but it seems like those are more lighthearted and with very specific guidelines for the protag, etc. whereas the others (for things like James Patterson/Lee Childs) are more gritty.
    I don’t know if YA is a genre or more of an age of the protag/leads. However, I do think it falls into one of Amazon’s categories/sub-categories. What I do believe is the reader audience is super broad group of folks. Lord, I’ve read the Harry Potter series five times and I’m in my 60s. 😀 If anything it might be a sub-genre.
    I don’t know if this helps.