Hi all,
    So excited to dig into this challenge and see what all I can learn, especially about how to actually SHARE all the cookies I’ve got sitting around on my computer. Kinda worried about ants moving in with warm weather…

    I do well with the writing part and putting collections together, and okay with the submitting to markets part. Where I fall down is keeping up with my newsletter, and it’s time I got over that. 🙂

    I write in just about every genre, and in every length except flash fiction and poetry. I’m amazed by folks who can do either or both of those!

    I write a lot of fantasy, romance, and crime stories, with science fiction and contemporary fiction to round things out. Cross-genre all over the place, of course. My current long project is novel three of my first epic fantasy series! Once that one’s finished, I’ll start publishing those to go along with the background short stories that are already out in the world.

    As far as reader cookies, I do a LOT of writing within established novel, novella, and short story series worlds. I have a great time with this for world building and answering my own questions, and for spending time with side characters.

    This challenge happens to overlap with a collection workshop I’m doing with Dean Wesley Smith, focused on spies this time around. So I’m aiming to write spy stories within my own worlds and tie those together with an overarching story, which I probably wouldn’t have thought up without Tammi and this challenge.

    Great to meet you all, and can’t wait to get started!