Benjamin Smith

    For science fiction, the two big projects I’m involved in are:

    1. Post-apocalyptic sci-fi in the shared Fallen World universe. Two novels published in that about a group of mounted police officers trying to protect one of the last remaining cities in America, plus a short story and will be working on a collaborative novel at some point this year.

    2. Action-adventure sci-fi in the shared Salvage Systems universe. So far one short story published in it, about a pair of space cop/bounty hunter ladies trying to chase down their bounties, only to get targeted by an even bigger bounty. The short was so fun to write I blazed through it in two days, and can’t wait to do the novel later this year.

    If my second cookie isn’t a follow-up Necrolopolis one from the fantasy thread, it may be some sort of story set in the Fallen World universe, to introduce one of the fan favorites from the novels to new readers.

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