Ariella Zoelle

    I’m Ariella Zoelle, an MM author whose brand is basically writing gay Hallmark After Dark books. It’s a pity I can’t use that as a tagline because that’s me in a perfect little nutshell 😂

    All of my reader magnets have been extra epilogues with visual guides, so I’m lacking anything to draw in new readers. I wrote a swapped POV preview, but didn’t really do much with it since a preview has limited value. When Tammi’s book came out, I realized I needed to bake a new cookie ASAP.

    I’m hoping the cookie I work on for this challenge will draw people into Bet on Love to get them hooked on my Good Bad Idea series. It’ll feature two servers who observe a scene from Bet on Love and then go off to have their own little romance. But I felt very clever calling it Serves Him Right since it’s about two servers who are in law school. I’m aiming for 15,000-18,000 words, which will be a challenge to keep it that short since I’m Wordy McVerbose.

    Depending on how well I’m braining, maybe I’ll be ambitious and try to figure out a cookie for Snowbody Like You to get people into my Suite Dreams series, too… 🤔