Ha, Laura! I’m even later and am so sad that I missed the launch party.
    Am also an older noob – we know best that life is too short AND too long to do what you hate, so why not start now? I’m writing open door contemporary travel romances (and yes, not time travel – where is my category?)
    Have first book of series written, am working on the prequel and related convertible cookie (which will be an extended epilogue that is the second chance part, where the first book/prequel to series is the first meet/fall in love part). Am here because I am a compulsive learner and podcast listener who is heeding the statement “I wish I had a newsletter when I started” moans of many successful authors.
    I’m a trademark attorney currently on sabbatical doing all the things related to writing (and less traveling than I’d like).
    And yes, I’m obsessed with Becca’s strengths stuff as well — Ideation, Strategic, Indy, Learning, Activator, and Maximizer. My favorite place to be is discussing new ideas, ways to market, tech resources, and what you want to be when you grow up.