Valerie Larouche

    Hi Tammi! Great stuff! Can’t wait to meet the other authors in my genre 😊

    I think the forum should stay dedicated per classes (I.e.February 2022) because otherwise in a few years you guys are going to have to admin like 185,423 posts per thread and it’ll get crazy in no time lol
    Maybe an option would be to lock this forum and give access to future students for reading only? And maybe a larger forum for all classes with different topics? I dunno But, just spitballing here
    But I think a forum specific to this class is a good idea (IMO ^_^)

    Genres are hella difficult to divide and subdivide and subsubsubsubdivide. Maybe go along with what Amazon does? I know there’s a ton of “phantom categories” that don’t appear on the ebooks categories list on Amazon, but maybe just stick to those that do appear? Just a suggestion 😊

    I think sci-fi and fantasy should be separate.
    Indeed mysteries and thrillers are cousins but not siblings πŸ˜‹
    I can’t talk about romance as I know nothing of the genre…

    I’ve never considered YA a genre: it’s an age range.

    (Is that all the questions? When we reply we can’t see the original post… ☹)

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