Ronnie Roberts

    Hi! I’m Ronnie. I write as Ronnie Roberts, Rene Roberts and Rex Roberts. I’m dropping in between making a massive pot of ham and bean soup and painting the walls around carpeted stairs—yes, fun times here—uh…not! I’m glad to be part of this group. What a diverse bunch of creatives. My plan is to write a much better dress origins story for my Wedding Dress Promise series. The one I have just doesn’t have the right tone for the series. Oh, I write sweet, closed-door romance, (couldn’t stomach another sex scene so switched), cozy mysteries and time travel sci fi. Anyone I know can pick up one of my books, regardless of age and I’d feel just fine about it. The perks of controlling explicit sex scenes, language and violence.

    I was telling my sister one day I was about to write the dreaded love scene and she asked, why do you do it if you don’t like it? I sputtered, because… and faded out. Why was I? This was supposed to be fun, right? I decided to poll my readers. Spicy or sweet? I was surprised to find they preferred sweet and confessed they often skipped the sex scenes to get back to the story. Well, that was all I needed to know. I went back, closed the door inside the books I’d written already and stuck with sweet from then on. I’m having much more fun now. My takeaway? Write what makes YOU happy!

    So, I love them all—all my series, all the genres. I love the characters, the relationships, the rising to meet the challenges, the fun, the mystery, the adventure, the growing trust, the falling in love — and especially the surprises my characters present to me on a daily bases. All of it.

    I’ll also be writing book four of my cozy series, but this cookie, “Retro Active” will get first crack at my brain each day. Hopefully it’ll all work out!

    So glad to be doing this with you all.

    To Tammi —— I wouldn’t mind having my name as Ronnie Roberts here. Thanks!

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