Benjamin Smith


    I’m Ben, and publish by my full name Benjamin Tyler Smith. I have two novels published in a shared post-apocalyptic universe, with short stories published in a few other shared universes, mostly sci-fi. For fantasy (my favorite genre), I have several short stories published in my own IP: the dark/noir/possibly-epic fantasy Necrolopolis universe. I am currently working on the first Necrolopolis novel, and I know what the cookie will be for that, though I don’t know if I’ll be writing it during this class or if I’ll save it for after the book is finished and in editing. At the end of that book will be a sign-up opportunity that states something to the effect of “Want to know what happened to zombie Prince Lian and his skeleton bodyguards after (necromancer protagonist) Adelvell heads back to Necrolopolis? Well, have I got good news for you…!”

    In addition to this one, I think I’m going to need a couple of cookies, at least. One for my primary newsletter sign-up that I’d like to feature Necrolopolis in some way, either a revamped short story that’s already out in the wild in some form or fashion or something completely original (I’m open to either), and likely one for the post-apocalyptic books that are already published, although maybe that one can wait until closer to time when the third book comes out? Again, I’m flexible.

    However it gets done, I’m hoping this class will finally be the kick in the pants I need to launch my newsletter, and to launch it in a big way. Doesn’t need to grow into something huge overnight, but a solid upward trajectory that builds from week-to-week would leave me satisfied.

    Okay, a lot of words. You can tell what kind of writer I am just from this, right? Last is a tiny bit about me personally: I have a lovely and very supportive wife of soon-to-be thirteen years, an infant daughter who sucks up a lot of my time in a fun-but-sometimes-frustrating way, and two cats that rule the roost. Some days sweet tea is the only thing that keeps me going, along with an episode or two of anime or ten minutes of a video game (Currently Tales of Arise, and man is it a good source of inspiration). I’m trying to reclaim some of my writing time by dictating out on errands and during some of the more mind-numbing aspects of the day job. Progress is slow, but steady. In all things, God is good.

    Looking forward to this journey with all of you!

    Edited to add (Because there’s always more to add!) that in addition to Necrolopolis, another IP that I’m working on is solidly in the Middle Grade age demographic, an epic fantasy series that at the moment has the working title of Cloudfall. No idea when this will be out, so it’s backburner material at the moment. That said, I’m curious to know if it’s something I should do either under a pen name or under a different mailing list, or both. Almost everything else I write is older-teen to adult in content. I don’t write sex scenes, but there can be innuendo and scanty clothing and gory violence that parents might find objectionable for an 8-14 year old that’s in a lot of the other stuff I write, but wouldn’t be in Cloudfall.

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