Hi there!

    I’m Jude. Wife to my teen-age heartthrob and mom to our four kiddos. I write hot contemporary romance under a pen since I work in the adoption constellation. Just felt it wise, and it gives my head more freedom. In non-fiction I outline. In fiction, uh, no.

    To date, I’ve self-published four romance novels (three in one series) with another releasing this summer (in my second series), which I’m trying to finish while doing the Challenge. After that I’ll be working on a short story, for inclusion in an anthology (no story concept yet; no surprise there…), and the duet dropping the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023.

    I’m delighted that Tammi is offering this, particularly after watching the webinar and learning I totally screwed up offering a cookie. (Of course I did, lol.) I pulled it. Epic fail on my end and a lot of red face, fortunately in the privacy of my office. The good thing is that my “uh-oh” jump-started the duet. I love turning lemons into lemonade.

    At this point I have NO idea of what kind of cookie to create, only that I should probably have more than one. Maybe three or four. Oh my. But I’ll settle for one right now. Onward!