Colors will be a CSS thing, so I will leave that to James — I know how to change CSS but I don’t know how to find the places I’m supposed to change in code this … voluminous. LOL I’m genuinely surprised there aren’t just, like … dropdowns and color pickers for this. It’s 2022. I’ll add that to the list for James!

    The calendar should show in your time zone provided Google can determine where you’re logging in from (or you’re logged into a Google/Gmail account when you view it). The Wednesday office hours are 1 pm EST — if you’re in another time zone and seeing the equivalent of whatever that is in your time zone, it’s working! (Anyone else, please weigh in on whether it’s working for you as well.)

    As for forum time, I’m seeing your post at 7:34, which jibes with when I got the notification. Are you seeing an accurate time there?

    I’m PRETTY sure we can have an infinitely nested folder system, but Stacey set it up, so I’ll have to poke around and make sure I understand how it works under the hood. I was all about php-based bulletin-board style forums back in the oughts, so I should be able to figure it out pretty quickly.