Cassandra Medcalf

    Hi all!

    My name is Cassandra Medcalf (you can call me Cass- that’s what I am to my friends, lol), and I write contemporary romance that feature LGBT+ characters. I’m bisexual, so I explore both straight and LGBT relationships in my books- and I tend to deal with more mature themes that can lean into women’s fiction.

    I only have one book out at the moment, and while sales have been slow but steady, I’m definitely eager to up my game. I’m currently writing book 2 with a deadline at the end of the month. I was hoping to write a cookie that served as an in-betweener for the series, but now I’m realizing I should write something more broadly applicable to new AND current readers.

    I have a few series loosely plotted out at the moment, and also hope to start up an erotica pen name at some point (I’m still practicing on anonymous forums with that one- but it IS helping me with my spicy contemporary romance scenes!). All in all my themes focus on strong women aged mid-20s-40, found family, romance, and career fulfillment.

    Really excited to meet you all and work with you!