Katje van Loon

    I would be really interested in a story like that. 😀 I love AU-stuff like that (Kushiel Series!) and Egyptology has always been an interest for me.

    Actually one of my upcoming series is going to be heavily Isis-focused. (Short story long, my epic fantasy is set on a planet Terrans colonized in our far future, their distant past, so there are remnants of human cultures all over the planet, and one of my countries is a theocratic matriarchy that focuses on the worship of Isis, with their leader being a mortal who is Isis reincarnated / mortal with a god-shard in her.

    I’ve already planted the seed of the series in the second book of my trilogy, but it’s probably going to wait a while longer for me to write it as I’m apparently still not entirely sure what’s happening in it. Luckily a different spin-off series has appeared, so I’ll write that one first.

    Hi I’m Katje and characters run my life.)